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Our Web Division  is dedicated to helping our clients build profitable online businesses. We take pride in our ability to power the solution behind successful Internet companies and provide unparalleled customer service every day. Our in-house and contract writers continually create original content for the web sites that cannot be found elsewhere. Getting to know you is important for us, This helps us understand your needs to create just what you require. We are committed to quality and constantly work on increasing it. We have introduced the below mentioned services for convenient of our clients in the day-to-day business.

In the ever-growing Internet area, domain booking has become a very important move for any business organization that wants to flourish. Most of the people feel that having their own domain name is an expense & it takes more knowledge to process the same. But it is actually very simple and the more you delay registering your domain name, the more your business is going to suffer.

Domain name registration in India has become very crucial as more and more people are becoming aware of its importance and are not ready to settle for anything less than the name they have in mind. When you register a domain name, it not only reflects your business, it also provides you with a platform on which to build your relationship with your customers. Here are some guidelines that you can keep in mind while selecting the name.

Decide what you are marketing on your web site.

  • Create a list of possible URLs.
  • Try to keep it as simple as possible or easy to remember.
  • You can try long name also but, it should reflects your business.
  • To cater to your varied business needs, GCS provides domain name registration in India. We offer domain name registration and hosting, at very reasonable prices.

Once you get the domain name and hosting done, then you are entitled to some of the below mentioned benefits:

  • Your business gets a brand name that no second person can possess
  • You can choose sub-domains as per your desire
  • You possess the exclusive right to sell your domain name.

Web Hosting

Find a place for your web site to live – Web Hosting

Visitors won’t wait. With millions of web sites begging for their attention your visitors know they have many options. Your web site must be hosted on quick servers that are reliable. The challenge is finding the right balance between the best possible server and your budget. We have one web hosting package as it suits 98% of our customers. The real benefit however is we invite you to call us and we’ll talk over what you need, explain what everything means and even help you set up e-mail accounts and anything else you need.

  • Over the phone friendly, helpful and knowledgeable tech support from 8 A.M  to 8 P.M Monday to Friday, and 9 A.M to 5 P.M Saturday
  • Ample server space 150 mb (which is overkill as the average web site only takes up a couple of megabytes of space)
  • Ample traffic 5 GB (again overkill)
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts and 5 Pop boxes, this is great for most of our clients though you can option extra e-mail accounts if you like with a phone call (call us if you need to know what a POP box is).
  • Simple statistics emailed to you each Monday morning so you know how much traffic your site is getting (you can also upgrade to “Pro” stats which will show you things like what search engines people are using to find you and even what words they are typing into the search engines to find yo,very useful!)

Web Promotion

Web promotions are an important part of our web site maintenance services. We offer ethical search engine marketing solutions to E-commerce and web-based companies, helping site owners in promoting their businesses by placing them in the list of the major search engines.

We offer optimizing solutions to your pages by thoroughly analyzing them and also by suggesting improvements that may enhance the page views and sessions of the site.

To ensure that a site does not lapse in obscurity on the Internet, we ensure that sites are monitored continuously and kept up-to-date with the latest information, at regular intervals of time. In order to keep the site updated we continually monitor the site to ascertain that the metatags are reworked upon, important key words are added, content is written accordingly and the site is submitted to the major search engines on a regular basis.

With a vast experience in the field of web site development and promotion, GCS has helped many web sites gain the top ten position on all influential search engines which automatically enhances the business of the client.

Open Source Software Development

Our Web Division offers customer focused application software solutions on open source technologies only, working in close tandem with the client, their requirements and specifications. Development of customized software catering to the needs of a variety of industries is our forte. Whether it is a huge conglomerate or a start – up venture, we have the tailor made solution matching your needs.

Our Web Division  specializes in developing the open source software solutions which can be hosted on a web server. We specialize on hosted application software solutions.

Most of the companies and CEO are now expecting their company to be managed from any part of the world. So GCS also want to provide solution to such specific requirement.

Some of the solutions we are working and we are capable of developing are:-

  • Web server hosted Billing software
  • Web server hosted Real Estate  software
  • Web server hosted sales executives management system
  • Web server hosted stock portfolio maintenance software

Web sites are not intended to be static. Creating a web site is easy, but maintaining a web site to continuously make updates and alterations can prove to be an uphill task. The motive of an E-commerce web site should not only be to entertain a new visitor but also to provide him a pool of knowledge right at his desktop so that he informs more and more people about the site.

Our multistep quality control process ensures that your web site gets that much needed attention to detail and accuracy – a prime requisite for your site’s success.

Our maintenance methodology ensures that your site is always current and updated. We look after the following web site maintenance services:

  •  Content addition and modifications as per client’s requirements
  • Graphical enhancement of the site, which involves replacing pictures and graphics
  • Adding or removing pages
  • Image manipulation and addition
  • Newsletter and e-mail list maintenance
  • The revamping of the web site as and when required
  • Search engine submissions and other promotional endeavors
  • Web site restructuring as per client’s needs
  • Providing weekly statistical reports


In your web site your Company will

  • Publish business home pages on the Internet, featuring general company information, newsletters, sales information, or employment opportunities.
  • Publish catalogs describing product specifications, prices, and ordering information.
  • Publish information about human resources or benefits for employees. Provide customers with product support and technical information. Make files and documents available for downloading over the Web.

Website renovation

Let GCS give your company a fresh, professional-looking website. We offer a variety of packages, styles and will tailor-make a solution that meets your needs. We can easily integrate chat room, on-line auction, PHPBB, POSTNUKE, discussion forum, banner rotation program, on-line database program, games, guest book, classified ads, etc. into your existing site solutions.

We can also help with integration between online and offline-marketing efforts as well as develop programs to drive traffic to your site.

GCS Web can take care of your website while you run your business. From design and creation to set up and maintenance, we can do it all. To top it all we’ll charge you with a very nominal and affordable price.

Our Works

What Clients Say About Our Works

  • The GCS team worked very efficiently to satisfy  my design needs. I'm very happy to work with the team led by Mr. Mallya. I recommend to get a mentorship from Mr. Mallya for all those who are struggling to make a strategy for their product marketing.

    Deepak Bhat
    Deepak BhatPartner Vanasri @ Balehonnur
  • Website has come out wonderful , Thank you for the excellent support over the many years .
    Ramani Hande
    Ramani HandeChief Architect, ACE Technocrats
  • Your works on our Govt websites like ours are really as per my expectations and to the point as specified by us.  Good technical support by your team in enabling a multilingual website in English,Hindi,Marathi with impeccable translation services was the high point for us.

    Uday Baxi
    Uday BaxiChief PF Commissioner EPFO Kandivali

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