Digital Signage

The term, digital signage, is new to a lot of people. The signage is also referred to as digital display. Many of the displays are used in businesses that have physical locations.

Common businesses that use digital signage include restaurants, hotels, offices with waiting rooms and even banks and schools. These businesses have a lot of foot traffic and digital signage makes sense because the business is trying to get the visitors to take an action of some sort.

Business owners need designers on their team to create these displays. This is an opportunity for you to earn additional revenue for your freelance or design business. As we mentioned above, the design is actually very similar to web design.

And just like a website design the digital display design for a specific company starts with the business goal.

Starting with a Business Goal

Each business will have a goal for their digital display. Usually the goal is to increase sales of a certain product or service. At a dentist office, for example, the goal might be to advertise and raise awareness for teeth whitening. The dentists and the hygienists will mention the service to the patients, but when people are waiting they can learn about the service by watching the digital display. They’re just sitting there with nothing to do so they’ll be looking for something to entertain them.


POP (Point-Of-Purchase) advertising plays vital role in Retail industry. Digital signage is highly customizable, attractive & reflects changes in real time which makes it an effective POP advertising tool; for ever changing retail trends.

Our custom-made templates for retail makes it easier for you to design a fabulous looking digital signage template in no time. Showcase your newest product line, varied features and special offers.

Digital Menuboard

Placed behind the cashier digital menu boards offer great opportunity for point of sale marketing. When beautiful pictures/animated content is shown on high definition screens, the viewer cannot resist the temptation of wanting to try out the food item.

Ready-made templates for Digital Menuboard makes it easier for to design your own digital menuboard without any hassle.


The complete essence of a hotel revolves around its perception in the mind of its customers. Professionally crafted beautiful templates on very gorgeous HD screens take the brand image to another level. Beautiful pictures of the rooms can be showcased on rotation basis.

Amenities available in the hotel such as swimming pool, spa, gym, bars, night clubs can be effectively advertised on these displays.


 Corporates are adapting newer and more efficient ways to build brand and drive employee engagement. We have designed templates that requires minimal work but provide option for any company to showcase corporate film or the employee of the month, company’s twitter feed or any other relevant data.

Keeping in mind the ultimate goal of digital signage in corporate communications, we made available different templates with very subtle colors to suit the corporate environment.


Digital signage can also be put to use for effective branding purposes. Digital signage can also serve as a guide & messenger to create awareness for various medical causes. Various applications can be integrated with digital signage like  live TV.

Hospitals have various types of data to showcase, digital signage educate patents & tailor-made templates helps in quick digital signage creation.

Highlights of our platform for digital signage

Cloud Based Solution
Access & control your digital signage network from any corner of the world.
Roll-out the solution on Android, Windows, SSSP or LG WebOS operating systems.
Divide your screen in multiple regions to show various media formats at the same time.
With a dedicated support team you can expect minimum downtime & high ROI.
User Management
Create multiple users with different access levels to software features & modules.
Dashboard View
Get a real time consolidated overview of your network via the dashboard.
Audit Trail and Reporting
Measure performance of your digital signage’s by using audit trail reports & proof-of-play.
Secured Data Transfer
Enjoy secured data transfer through Https, SFTP & FTP.
Store and Play
Downloads schedules & media for playback to avoid network interruptions.
Display Grouping
Group displays as per demographics and schedule once for playback on multiple displays .
Pre-Crafted Templates
 Use our beautiful ready-to-use templates to create professional signage’s in minutes .
Content Creation
 Design your campaigns with a simple & intuitive content creation module.
Make your displays versatile by using various widgets such as weather, clock, calendar, etc.
RSS Feed

Show real time news & sports updates or any other live data feed on your signage.

Schedule content in landscape or portrait modes of any custom resolution.
Remote Monitoring
Closely monitor your web based network from any remote location.
Remote On-Off
 Schedule auto ON/OFF for your displays located anywhere from a central location.
Emergency Messages
 Showcase emergency messages & overrule scheduled content if situation demands.
Remote Software Upgrade
 Upgrade your players from the central server to save on time & cost.
Load Balancing
 Expand your server to handle excessive demand from the players by load balancing mechanism

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Digital signage is something business owners are using more. Some even realize that digital signage is a requirement at their place of business.

Digital signage is used for entertainment, education and sales. Some businesses use a simple display to direct people through their building or office while others use the displays for showcasing products and services.

If you have a requirement for Digital Signage , Please do contact us.

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