Search Engine Marketing in Mangalore


Radio             :  Two 30-second spots on a morning show of a major metropolitan station

Newspaper  : One week of three-by-five-inch ads in the classified section of a largely circulated Newspaper

Periodicals   : A small classified ad in a trade or hobby-related magazine

Television    : One 30-second spot during the morning news show of metropolitan television station or 10 non-prime-time spots on a cable station

Direct mall  :  About 700 mailers sent to clients throughout the United States

The Web         :  Development and a year of hosting of a 10-page web site

Search Engine Marketing

When internet marketing first began in the early 1990s, it was very different from what it is now. For those, who haven’t experienced the internet version 1, it was just way too different. Black, wooden characters on a white background with blinking cursors that told separated the links from each other.

The evolution stage of the internet started with html. Only when people realized that graphics can also be included in websites, did online advertising take off in a big way. The next step was complete online businesses based on a complete virtual business models like amazon and ebay.

Today internet marketing has spawned whole new genres of advertising and promotional activities. And one of the most effective methods remain Search Engine Marketing.

Search engine marketing or SEM as it is better knows as, is essentially a set of marketing methods by which the visibility of a website can increase in the search engine results pages. Sounds confusing? Read on.

The three main modes of SEM are:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    A process by which a website’s rank improves in search results by modifying the content and structure so that Search Engine algorithms can easily read and understand them.
  • Search engine advertising Or Pay Per Click (PPC) Pay Per Click companies bid for relevant keywords on search engines so that their clients ads appear in the result pages when someone searches for relevant information.
  • Paid inclusion As the name suggests, is paying the search engine company for a guaranteed inclusion of a website in their search index.

“Elementary, my dear Watson,” said Holmes, “Elementary.”

Now that you are exposed to the basics of SEM, let us tell you what we do.

We do PPC, not SEO. That is to bid and pay for keywords in the search engine to show your ads when a related term is searched for.

With Paid Search, you are assured results. Something that SEO will never guarantee. We will put your ad on the very first page. And more often than not we’ll make sure you are the number one link there as well.

To really get into PPC and understand how indispensable we will become to you, continue here.


  • Web Marketing is  an avenue for communicating your company’s message in a dynamic visual way.
  • This venue offers the unique ability to communicate your message quickly and clearly to a worldwide audience.
  • The web offers a feature found nowhere else in the marketing world-the potential for instant customer response.
  • No matter what your business is or well you sell-service or product-you’ll find a niche on the Web.
  • Creating a Web Presence is a bad move for very few companies.
  • The Web promises to be the marketing venue of the few century.  Taking steps to get on the Web now ensures your company of being viewed as a trendsetter in this new medium-not to mention that it’s usually cheaper to get in on the ground floor.
  • Preparing your company to take the web plunge is essential.  You should be well-versed in the components of an  expert web marketing plan.  Luckily, you have a road map for this new land of advertising.
  • You could decide to handle all the technical and marketing work on your own, but a consultant’s expertise can bring your web marketing strategy to life.

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