Shaped CD-ROM

Multi-shape CDs are CDROM / CDR’s that can be shaped into any size and shape, including the popular Business Card Size CDs. It can be used in almost all CD drives, and carries the same data formats as regular circular CD does.

Because of the flexibility in size & shape, the product is ideal for applications in the promotion of premium, corporation, products, etc. where the Multi-shape CD can be tailored into the contour of corporate logo or product shape.

What are the Benefits of using Multi-Shape CD-Rom & CDR?

  • Professional and premium appearance
  • Promote corporate & product identity
  • Much easier in handling than printed marketing material(compact for storage, transportation, and mailing)
  • Fast & easy access to information
  • User friendly
  • Compact & convenient to carry
  • Cost effective — improved return on every advertising dollar spent
  • Increased hit rate for company & product web site
  • Possible applications of Multi-Shape CDRom


  • Company/Organization/Event Marketing
  • Interactive Catalogue
  • Software Memo
  • Movie Sampler
  • Multimedia Premium & Gift