Email Marketing

Email Marketing in Mangalore

Email marketing (also referred to as eDMs and newsletters) continues to be a vital part of any successful online business. It’s a means that gives customers the important one-to-one interaction with your brand. Good email marketing is about keeping your audience engaged. But great email marketing is about retention and conversions.

Things to consider when doing email marketing ranges from server capacity to send out hundreds of thousands of emails simultaneously to how the email appears on different email clients, the layout and the actual content itself. You might have created a piece of design with a great copy but only half of your recipients ever saw the email. And you start wondering why. Is it because of server issues, is there a client reader compatibility problem, was it filtered to the junk folder because of the email title?

Any one can say I can do email marketing. But not everyone can say they are successful at it.

In itself, managing your database of leads and customers for regular mailings are all a part of the larger workings of Customer Relationships Management.

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