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Our Packaging Design Center in Mangalore is one of the leading Packaging Design Center in Mangalore and is dedicated to help you design, engineer, prototype, and implement the best package for your product! As part of GCS’s concept to completion’ vision, we have a full range of capabilities to bring your vision to life.

With a wide scope of machines, structural & graphic design experience, and network of partners, we can take care of your packaging needs from start to finish. We have the capability to create new designs, alter your existing packaging, provide samples & prototypes, and get you on your way to full scale production to help your product fly off the shelves.

Structural Design

The Packaging Design Center is staffed with tenured packaging design specialists. From consumer goods, food, medical, industrial products and on, GCS has years of experience in the development of the proper package structure for your product.

Packaging Design MangalorePrototype & Sampling

We have the capability to provide you cost-effective prototypes or short-run samples so that you can put your actual packaging in front of your designers, marketing team, investors, or retailers before making final decisions. Prototyping & sampling is one of the most costly features of larger production facilities, which we are happy to provide at greatly reduced prices due to our in-house capabilities.

Short Run & Production Run

Beyond the prototyping & sampling stage, many customers will need enough samples to run a market test or provide to their salespeople. Our in-house machines have the capability to provide short-run quantities at a reasonable cost and in a timely manner. Depending on the package, we can create any number of short-run samples that you may require. Working with GCS’s network, we can use the short-run as an opportunity to move seamlessly into production to create a more efficient and cost-effective production flow.

Graphic Design

The artwork on your package can often be the selling point that pushes your marketability and sales over the edge. We will work with your art Packaging Design Mangalore
department to make sure your artwork translates seamlessly into your custom packaging, or we can help you with creating graphics from scratch. Our graphic artists will work with you & your team to put your vision on your package, focusing on creating a visual design that you’re proud to showcase.

3D Rendering Of Package

We are happy to provide 3D renderings for you to view on your computer & phone every step of the way. With a 3D visualization that you can rotate and move around to your liking, you will have final say on all aspects of the design – structural & graphical.

GCS Packaging Design Center

Working with the GCS Packaging Design Center comes with the added bonus of all the benefits of GCS’s 20+ years experience in packaging distribution. With a wide network of partners, industry-specific experience, aggressively competitive pricing & production capabilities, GCS can take your customer packaging design and take it to full run production.


Some Of Our Works in Packaging Design

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What Our Packaging Design Clients Say ?

  • One of the best companies for design thinking , GCS did a top class packaging design for our products , we are extremely happy about the design thinking team at GCS and highly recommend their design thinking team. Their photography  studio is the best i have seen in this part of the country.
    Anudeep Product Design Manager @ Udaya Group
  • You get exactly what was promised and what you pay for , absolutely lovely designs for our packaging and 360 Degree Branding of our product launch into market . A complete strategic map was provided across all channels of communication for our 3 Brands GlucoHolt, IceBubble & Mount Fruit. These GCS guys really know what they are doing and have complete mastery of the subject matter of design & branding.

    Alister Mendonsa
    Alister MendonsaPartner, Glucoholt
  • When it comes to packaging design , you guys are the best in this region , i am very satisfied with the packaging design teams works on our products. I highly recommend your company to all my friends and associates in my circle of influence.

    Joseph Dsilva
    Joseph DsilvaMD, Bon Masala Products
  • The packaging designs designed by your company have become a blockbuster hit product for our company. The designs are simply superb and give the product a multinational company manufactured product looks.

    Vijith Shetty
    Vijith ShettyRetail Marketing Director, Reliable Cashew Company
  • The packaging design works & branding done for me have come out much better than what i expected , Renu's Kitchen is now a well recognized brand in the non-veg pickles market.
    Renuka Amin
    Renuka AminOwner, Renus Kitchen
  • We like your policy of commitment to promises made, and awesome quality of delivery followed up by exemplary support services . Your packaging  design works are superb.
    Vasudev Kamath
    Vasudev KamathPartner, DVK Group

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